When and how to confess in love

11/20/2016 - 21:03
When and how to confess in love

"I'm sorry about that but often is enough to say" I love you ", - he admitted to Yoko Ono. Therefore: do not wait and in no doubt, even knowing that these words will move your relationship to a new level. Because these words are so important for us, we sometimes find ourselves at a loss is whether or not a declaration of love first, or wait for acknowledgment from a partner? And if now is the "perfect time" to open your heart? So, when I’ll do it?

  • Don’t do it until the fifth date.
  • Only after two months.
  • After waiting for the time when you can no longer keep it.
  • Do not say before, during or immediately after sex.
  • Do not confess your love, if you're very excited.
  • Never say it first and wait for recognition, not to give an answer until spend enough time together.

All these examples make it clear how much importance we attach to the moment when your heart is open. However, it is clear that here, as in everything that is connected with the magical state of love, there are no exact formulas. "For long-term and deep relationships is important during that test the sincerity and willingness to accept each other regardless of the circumstances of life, - says professor of philosophy at the University of Haifa, Aaron Ben-Zeev. - So, to say the partner immediately about your deepest feelings and far-reaching intentions as something that would be resolved, coming soon likely prematurely. Prove it could only your future. And your partner can be regarded as certain lightness haste. However, there is love at first sight. And if you feel strong and happy emotions, why not open it?Do not just rush ahead, give or expect promises. You can just enjoy the happy moment. "

Phases of love

We all need different times to realize the depth of his feelings and are prepared to confess. Besides playing a role and our gender identity men tend to be earlier and more readily recognized in love. According to studies, it takes about 88 days to say "I love you", while in women this period is 124 days. 39% of men make a declaration of love for the first month, and only 23% of women are willing to so quickly to voice their feelings. We are living in different ways and realize the nascent feeling. However, this does not indicate the extent to which we really dear person. Those who quickly fall in love may grow cold as swiftly. How to do if you hear a declaration of love, but not ready to respond to utter the same words? "Be honest with yourself and partner - says Ben Zeev. - Needless to say the words in which you are not sure, just to not hurt a loved one. However, if he is dear to you, let him know about it, but tell them you need time to fully understand their feelings. "

"You are love of my life"

It is not necessary to play in love at first sight, if it does not fit your mood. No less deep connection can occur over time, which is necessary to experience true intimacy. If you are experiencing a profound sense, there is no need to hide it just because the other is not ready to respond to manifestations. Love can develop asymmetrically, because this feeling does not live according to the laws and regulations. "Maybe before you say" I love you ", you will be called pet names, talk about what you like in those or other qualities - says cognitive psychologist Asa Takeshi. - If a person moves in an emotional road is not as fast as you would expect, this does not mean that his feelings are deep enough. It is important to respect your internal psychological pace that may simply not be the same with your ". If you tell a man that he is - "the greatest love of your life", you may put him in an awkward position. It is obvious that you would expect a similar recognition from him.