How to find harmony with yourself

11/20/2016 - 21:00
How to find harmony with yourself
  • Internal dialogue can bring us huge benefits if we know how to lead them properly.
  • Each one of us ever let talking to himself. Tighten your imagination, and you'll hear a muffled chorus of whispering - or praising himself. It is believed that thinking as such - it is a form of conversation with yourself, says columnist Sarah Sloat. In short, we know ourselves as well as learn other people - through dialogue.
  • Here is a definition of self-talk gives explores this theme psychologist James Hardy: "Dialogue, through which an individual interprets his feelings and views, regulates and changes the value judgments and beliefs, give himself instructions and encourages himself."
  • Some psychologists believe that our "I" is composed of two parts: one of them controls our mind and perception, and the other just act. Talking to you can be a bridge between the two parts.
  • These calls may be extremely beneficial or detrimental, depending on how you to this approach. Each of these conversations is conducted in their own way, but here are three steps that can turn them into a useful exercise.

You is not Me

What matters is whether you treat yourself to "you" or say "I". It is better to refer to himself, using the pronoun is not the first, and the second person, that is, to call themselves the "you" and also named. Thus changing the address to ourselves, we are better able to regulate your own behavior, thoughts and feelings. Speaking of a "you" or calling himself by name, we create the necessary psychological distance that allows to talk about what is happening to us as a little from the side. This method also allows you to reduce stress in people suffering from social phobia, and helps to calm down when you consider events after the fact. Dialogue with them creates a space for reflection, but it is not always in our favor. The best option - is to encourage yourself. It is proved that attempts to motivate yourself, for example, helping athletes to maintain the necessary level of energy and increase endurance. Positive talk with them to improve mood and emotional support us. Conversely, a conversation with him in a critical way, as studies show, lowers self-esteem and increases the likelihood of a repetition of the same conversations in the future. Psychologists say that a person is able to choose how to think it, and in many respects it depends on how we are talking about. Therefore, for your well-being is important that you are at least talk to a good-naturedly.

Use in emergency situations

Inner voice helps us to control their impulsive behavior. For example, when we say to ourselves, "Just take it and do it!" Or: "I do not see this piece of the pie" of the experiment participants were asked to press a button if they see a certain symbol. At the same time they had to go on repeating the same word, making it impossible to internal dialogue. In this case, they behave much more impulsive and less self-control than in another part of the experiment where nothing prevented the sound of their inner voice. It is also believed that inner dialogue helps when you learn something new. The key to success here is to make your statements were short, clear and do not contradict one another. Psychologist Anthony Hattsidzheordzhiadis (Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis), who studies the issue, says: "Talking to you, you stimulate and direct their operations, and then assess the results. "But perhaps the most valuable thing that conversation with a form self-control and motivation needed to succeed. If we tell ourselves that we can be successful, the chances of success are greatly increased.