5 questions to ask yourself

11/20/2016 - 20:59
5 questions to ask yourself

Marriage and divorce statistics ruthless every other pair in the registry office exchanged rings and vows, after some time returned to this same registry office again - to formally leave. If you want to, despite the sad figures to live with her lover happily ever after? Ask yourself a few simple questions before answering "yes" to the long-awaited request for marriage - and try very honest answer them.

1. Why do you want to marry him?

Rather, even so, why do you want to get married? It dictated whether your decision sincere affection for the beloved and the desire to start a family and grow old in one day or you just want your mother ceased to pester you with questions and hints on the subject of marriage? Or maybe you'd like to outdo her friends and get married first? Or just be a princess, and show off in a white dress? The race for status and the desire to please at times play with us insidious joke and make you forget about your true desires. Try to be honest with yourself and figure out whether a marriage really - what you are sincerely want.

His family and your future

2. How good you know his family?

The phrase that marrying a man, we are getting married and his family, it may seem an exaggeration - and yet it has a grain of truth, even if your communication with newly minted family will be limited to Christmas gatherings and occasional trips to the country. Whether we like it or not, relationships with parents and family life created by them affect how we treat marriage as a whole, what he should wait, because of what the quarrel, and what we fear - so do not neglect communicating with the family favorite, stories about his childhood with scans of photo albums and school gatherings over a cup of tea. Aerobatics - the ability to make friends with the parents of the future husband: if you do it on the shoulder, consider that you have committed the most secure investment in your family's happiness.

3. HOW YOU REPRESENT YOUR distant future?

Psychologists say that many couples would be able to avoid separations if they serious about this issue - and all because in any relationship (not only romantic, but also on friendly and business), the main cause of conflict - a mismatch of expectations. You may feel that your future spouse by default is ready to become the father of your children (in an ideal - three of them), that it does not forbid you to chat with friends, and will certainly help you to wash the dishes and clean the floor on weekends. In the minds of your groom picture of your life together can be quite different - he may not be ready either to paternity or to domestic work, and from you will be waiting for nightly dinner supplied with the words, "Please, my lord", and a minimum of communication with anyone outside the family. To differences in the plans for the future it was not a sudden discovery for both of you, frankly discuss your goals and dreams before making an application to the registry office.

Quarrels and friendship

4. What you going to do with the quarrel?

If you answer a shrug - they say, and we did not quarrel even once - is an occasion to think: Do you know well enough to elect? Did you have the opportunity to watch it not only riding on a white horse, happy and confident but mistaken, depressed, an angry, frankly wrong, and offended? Did he see your frustration, tears, and tantrums? Or your communication is about more than romantic conversations and chocolate zephyr of euphoria? No wonder they say that a man, before fleeing in a registry office, it is necessary to go through loss, win, win and someone else's repairs - only then you will be sure to really know each other.

5. Do you think this person as a friend?

Even the most ardent passion over time replaced by calm warm affection - in that case, of course, if you can be for each other, not only lovers. If your communication is now reduced to a hot rendezvous in the bedroom, then over the years, you will appreciate more in his chosen one a sense of humor, reliability, ability to compromise and the ability to understand your moods and thoughts without words. To be confident in your future, ask yourself: if you were not meant to be together, would you like to see this man was a friend of yours?